HIX® SwingMan 20E

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The HIX® SwingMan analog series heat press is the most economical choice for textile transfers and small format sublimation. The swing-away design keeps the hot surfaces away from your hands and arms while setting up the job and with its heavy-duty frame and structure is recognized as one of the most reliable heat presses on the market today. It uses the same lifetime warrantied heating element as our Premier models.


  • All Metal Construction
  • Analog Full Range Heat Control up to 400°F
  • Separate Digital Timer Included
  • 16” x 20” platen sizes
  • Compatible with Textile & Non-Textile Substrates
  • Lifetime warranty on the Heating Element


A great addition to your operation are the 16" x 20" PTFE coated Pad Protector Deluxe or the 16" x 20" PTFE coated Transfer Sheets


  • Eliminates scorching on products.
  • Keeps transfers from sticking.
  • Minimizes ink and dust from transfers and garments.
  • Allows user to gang multiple transfers.
  • Prevents dyes in colored garments from staining the heat platen.
  • Protects rubber pad from wear and stains.
  • Increases the lifetime of the rubber pad.
  • Allows smooth movement for positioning product and transfer.
  • Provides a non-sticking, easily cleaned work surface.